Lynn Heath


I have worked and played with clay for many years now. I studied in Montreal, the Eastern Townships and Toronto. I have fired with gas and electricity. Recently, I have been taking part in a number of wood firings-very exciting and different. There is no doubt that functional pottery, in all its myriad firings, is really what I am all about. I am inspired when I hear that someone used my goblets for their wedding ceremony, or when they tell me that they start off each day reaching for their favourite mug- the one that guarantees that the day will go well, or when someone bakes apples, from the Heath orchard, of course, in one of my baking dishes. It is very fulfilling. This is what clay is all about, it has been for ever and continues to be so for me.

Important News!
All of the pottery will be moving, at the end of June, to our orchard in the Eastern Townships-Verger Heath Orchard-819-876-2817- come visit us there.